Aigul running a short breathwork practice for Lantau Sunrise Club

“We are all going through a breathtaking year, stress anxiety are at their highest level. Unfortunately we don’t have any power to change it but we have this incredible capacity to master ourselves to go through it! What I found in this 5 weeks breathing classes is a fast way to get rid of negative emotions, clearer mind and a deeper breathing. I highly recommend Aigul, she was a wonderful guide and I personally loved the way she explained to us every single exercises, it was perfectly adapted for beginners like me!”

Elsa Jean De Dieu – Entrepreneur, Mural Artist and Trail Runner

“I took on the 5-weeks program with Aigul in June 2020 and would highly recommend it to anyone. Aigul has grown more and more knowledgeable about breathwork theory yet she still strives to further learn, experiment and share new techniques on a regular basis. The weekly classes were run smoothly in Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions and with the exercises being very clearly explained and guided, I was feeling at ease doing them on my own as practice in between classes. The progress was easily measurable and performance improvement in my running abilities noticed in little time which has encouraged me to carry on and now made it an habit !”

Matthieu S. – Daytime IT nerd, nighttime moon trekker

“Aigul is an excellent Breathwork instructor and is able to tailor her classes to different needs such as relaxation, increasing lung capacity or mental clarity. The exercises taught are simple but powerful and Aigul progresses the students to greater intensity over 5 weeks for noticeable results by the end of the course! Highly recommended.”

Keilem Ng – Investment Manager, Social Entrepreneur, Happy Trail Runner

“I enjoy the breathing class with Aigul. The instructions were simple and easy to follow and the class was enjoyable with a relaxing atmosphere. It’s been a great experience and the skill I’ve learned definitely improves the way I breathe in any situation.”

Malbert Lee – Gong and singing bowl master / Yoga teacher

“The exercises helped me to be more conscious of my breathing especially when running. The techniques we learned are very practical and can be used everywhere / anytime. I found it very easy to follow the exercises shown online but was also happy to confirm some practices when we met face to face. The hardest part for me is still to remain consistent with the practice. I really enjoyed having a check-in session every week – and now a follow-up every month.”

Charlotte Taquet – Legal Counsel and Trail Runner

“Aigul explains and teaches various breathwork techniques naturally and effectively, and I left each class feeling more relaxed, content and connected than I went in. I highly recommend the class!”

Loz Wong – Fundraising & Communications for Feeding Hong Kong, Mui Wo Mylkman, sometimes he runs

“I’ve had the most wonderful 5-week Breathing Class experience with Aigul. Her classes are very easy to follow and restorative for both mind and body. Aigul is very approachable and provides very clear explanations on various inhale/ exhale techniques. She is diligent and takes much care to answer our questions and follow your progress. I would highly recommend her classes if you want to relax, focus, sleep better, recover faster and improve your overall well-being.”

Vicky Sham – INN Health Coach, Trail & Road Runner

Lorena Compean – Finance Professional & Sports Lover
David Tanner – Professional Event Organizer