Respira comes from a Latin Word, Respirare, meaning to breathe. I picked this name from respiration or the process that provides energy to cells for staying alive. So, by extension, Respira stands for —

Energy. Strength. Courage. Recovery. Hope.

Something that’s part of each one of us, but, which only shows when we become conscious about it. And that’s what this is all about.

Being aware. About your Body. Thoughts. Feelings. Inside and outside. Which is possible by being conscious about —

Every breath you take…

My Story

Hi, I am your coach, Aigul.

I have always been breathing 😉 — but discovered much later what it really means to breathe. This is my story. And how Respira came into being.

I used to be a quiet girl but had noisy thoughts. I lacked self-confidence, was trying to please everybody, worked [insanely] hard, without rest, without self-care, without consciousness about what I was doing and how. Till I burned out. A massive crash and my inner self crumbled.

Only to come to a realisation that things needed to be changed. That I couldn’t go on in this endless loop forever. That I needed to understand my true purpose and embark on a journey to discover myself.

And it so happened — That night, during my first Moontrekker race (30km overnight on Lantau island, Hong Kong), I was about to call it quits. The reason? Well, I was prepared physically, but mentally, I just didn’t have that strength. But, thanks to breathwork – and my dear friend who pushed me, we not only completed the race, but we WON IT! Just image if I had quit that race that night… I guess life has its own mysterious ways of working.

Becoming a professional breathwork coach wasn’t part of the plan, honestly. But, I followed my intuition, passion, and inner calling. And things did start to get better. From a chronically tired, burned-out event organiser, I transformed into an empowered, peaceful entrepreneur. I felt the impact that this made on me, and so, I started to train people in breathwork to:

  • Be aware of within and without.
  • Take control of everything in their lives.
  • Help them be healthier, happier, calmer selves.

And hey! It wasn’t a matter of just a few months. This is still an ongoing process. I’ve my downtimes too, which I know is temporary. But, you know what…

It’s okay to feel the emotions, acknowledge your thoughts, and cry a bit if you want to. But, just remember, to use your vital source of energy, your breath, to take control and keep going on.

You absolutely got this.
Just Keep Breathing…


I’m a certified breathwork practitioner graduated from International Centre of Conscious Breathing Studying and Practicing, part of Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GBPA). 

I’m also a Breathe™ Certified Coach trained under Dr. Belisa Vranich, renowned clinical psychologist & leading expert in mental health and fitness.

I am currently getting certified in the Rebirthing Breathwork Method.

Aigul is a certified Breathe (TM) coach
Certificate and extension of my license according to the GPBA standards
Certificate and extension of my license according to the GPBA standards
The Breathing Class – Certificate
Breath Mastery Fundamentals Certificate
Skill of Stress Certificate
Vivation Breathwork Certificate
Performance Breathwork

Training for your next race? Shifting careers? I’m here to empower you and help you manage your most powerful resource – your breath!

Rebirthing Breathwork

If you need a major physical, emotional, and mental declutter, the rebirthing method is the best option for you to dive deeper and do greater work.