Aigul Respira Breathwork

Hi! This is Aigul from Respira.

Respira stands for breathing in the Latin Language. It also means recover hope, courage and strength after a time of difficulty. Respira is a call to action in Spanish. A call to become better and happier versions of ourselves.

I discovered breathwork during my Moontrekker race a few years ago, and that episode changed my life forever. It was a powerful start to my transformation from a chronically tired and burnt out entrepreneur & event organizer into an empowered & peaceful person who I am now.

Becoming a professional breathwork coach wasn’t part of the plan… But I’ve been incredibly lucky to be mentored and guided by the leading eco-wellness and business leaders, starting from my parents (both medical doctors); my breathwork teachers – Luba Bogdanova and Dr. Belisa Vranich, and my fellow trail runners.


I’m a certified breathwork practitioner graduated from International Centre of Conscious Breathing Studying and Practicing, part of Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GBPA). 

I’m also a Breathe™ Certified Coach trained under Dr. Belisa Vranich, renowned clinical psychologist & leading expert in mental health and fitness.

I am currently getting certified in the Rebirthing Breathwork Method.

Aigul is a certified Breathe (TM) coach
Certificate and extension of my license according to the GPBA standards
The Breathing Class – Certificate
Breath Mastery Fundamentals Certificate
Performance Breathwork

Whether you are training for your next race or career move, I’m here to equip you with the tools to play the long game and manage your most powerful resource – your breath!

Rebirthing Breathwork

If you need a bigger physical, emotional and mental declutter, rebirthing method is the best option for you to dive deeper and do bigger work.